The Rocker

And we’re back on our jet plane, for a flying visit to Lithuania, a country I previously thought of as next door to Ruritania, for some prog rock, courtesy of The Skys.  It’s actually album mumber five for them, with a recording career going back to “Civilized” in 1997.

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Review by founder of Kerrang! magazine – Geoff Barton

“Established in 1995, The Skys are Lithuania’s No.1 proggers. Colours… features a host of guest stars including Dave Kilminster (Roger Waters’ band) and Anne – Marie Helder (Mostly Autumn, Panic Room). Key to the band’s appeal is the male – female vocal interplay, and a musical approach that’s both expansive and ethnic. Nuostabus! (Lithuanian for ‘amazing)” … Continue reading

Fireworks Magazine

The Skys is a truly classic progressive rock band from Lithuania. Formed in 1995, the band has now released The Colours Of The Desert’ which is its fourth album to date. A dual male/female lead vocal … Continue reading