The Skys – Colours of the Desert

Q1. Where are you from?

Vilnius, Lithuania

Q2. Musical influences?

Many, mainly rock but also blues, metal, folk, pop, jazz, classical music and anything what sounds. Despite that: environment, philosophy, religion, nature, society, culture, personal experiences, the world, the universe and anything beyond.

Q3. What’s your song writing process?

For one of our songwriters it comes in the dreams and then she realizes it. For another one it just jumps into his head. Simple. We never spend time sitting on our asses and creating.

Q4. Most bizarre gig experience?

Oh yeah. Russia back in 2008. Imagine place in the middle of nowhere – 50 km or more to the nearest village. Woods, dirt, no buses, no any kind of transportation despite your car,  45 thousand people… and everything you’ve seen in woodstock movie: yoga, kabalah, meditation, rock’n’roll on 5 stages, naked bathing in the river, rain, no toilets and everyone’s happy. Totally crazy.

Q5. If you could share the stage with anyone, who would it be and why?

Anyone, who brings the positive message.


In their own words

Lithuanian rock band The Skys are the leading band on the Lithuanian rock scene. After frequent changes in line up today The Skys are:

  • Jonas Čiurlionis – vocals and lead guitar
  • Aleksandr Liutvinskij – rhythm guitar
  • Justinas Tamaševičius – bass
  • Božena Buinicka – keyboards and vocals

The band played many gigs in Lithuania as well as abroad: Russia, France, Poland, USA, Germany, Austria, Latvia, Estonia, The Netherlands, etc.

During its years of existence the band released 4 albums the latest being “Colours of the Desert” (2011).

The album features
Dave Kilminster (Roger Waters band) – guitar;
John Young (ex-Scorpions, Bonnie Tyler) – keyboards;
Snake Davis (Eurythmics, P.McCartney, Ray Charles, etc.) – sax;
Martin Beedle (Cutting Crew, Sarah Brightman, etc) – drums;
Tony Spada (Holding Pattern) – guitar;
Anne Marie Helder (Mostly Autumn, Panic Room) – bac voc.

The Album recorded in Mamas Studio (Lithuania) and Liscombe Park Studios (UK).
Mixed by Steve Rispin (Tina Turner, Elton John, Asia, etc)

Many of The Skys songs were played on radio and TV. In 1996 song “One Saturday of The Spring” reached radio station “Laisvoji banga” charts where it kept its highest positions for almost two months (No. 1 in April Charts). In 1999 song “Virtual Reality” was filmed on National TV for music telecast “Muzikinis viesbutis”. As guests The Skys several times performed on National TV e.g. Lithuanian Top 10. “The Ancient Indian song” video was also shown on National TV.

Many high quality press articles were published about the band in all major Lithuanian newspapers as well as other countries.

In 2001 The Skys made a musical theatre performance “Civilized” which was shown in one of the biggest theatres – Jaunimo Teatras.

In 2004 The Skys were awarded as “Best International Band” at prestigious New York International Music Festival.

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