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Automatic Minds vinyl
Limited Edition vinyl release


Price: €35

Left Side:
1. Get Rid of This
2. Automatic Minds
3. The Guardian of the Water Tower
4. Singing Tree
5. Templar’s Last Stand

Right Side:
1. Love of Life
2. Dry Water
3. Dead End
4. Communication

Snowy White (Pink Floyd) / guitar
Neil Taylor (Robbie Williams band) / guitar
Glenn Sharp / flamenco guitar
Justin Klunk (Ariana Grande) / saxophones
Rob Townsend (Steve Hackett) / saxophones
Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd) / backing vocals
India Carney (Top 5 of Season 8’s The Voice!) / background vocals
Christopher Alexander Hudiburgh (London County) / background vocals

Mixed and produced by Dom Morley

Mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios