Communication – Alternative Fruit

Rock music all the way from Lithuania this week on Alternative Fruit, with Communication by The Skys. They’ve toured the world with several albums already, which have gained them much deserved critical acclaim. Their brand new album, Automatic Minds was mixed by Dom Morley, who you may remember for working with Amy Winehouse. Those same skills that brought home a Grammy for Dom Morley have gone into making this song and album one to remember. Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, the iconic music production house has seen many high-quality and career making albums pass through its gates.

With computer noises to begin the track, bleeps and tones swell to become guitar, bass and drum. Crazy keyboard fills hang from the rear pegs to dress the backdrop in vibrancy. A chorus on the vocals starts the song which then progresses into a funky verse with lush bass lines dripping from the bars. The transfer from verse to chorus is so seamless, it’s as if a cylinder is rotating and, like a double helix, the elements of the track take it in turns to headline then gradually fade in and out. Cool and breezy guitar licks add a bluesy buoyancy and hollering Pink Floyd style female vocals decorate the cake with glorious luminescent icing. It’s a great track that will no-doubt be part of a fantastic rock album.