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“A meteor! A new star in the sky coming from nowhere! In fact the Skys is a Baltic band coming from Lithuania more precisely. The Skys was formed on November 1995. All along … Continue reading

Background Magazine

The Lithuanian rock band The Skys was formed in 1995. You could say that since then they are the leading band of the progressive rock scene in Lithuania. In the last fifteen … Continue reading

Sea of Tranquility

Review by J-Man PROG REVIEWER Colours of the Desert is both a unique and impressive effort from leading Lithuanian progressive rock act The Skys. In addition to … Continue reading (FR)

Le concept album commence magnifiquement par ‘Colours of the Desert’, un titre trčs progressif, bien construit, surprenant, avec des riffs assez anasazi. On est séduit par la … Continue reading

The Rocktologist

The Skys is a band from Lithuania which began its musical journey in 1995. They put out a couple of efforts in the 1990s, but their first real full-length recording came in 2004, with … Continue reading

Cosmos Music (FR)

The Skys vient de Lituanie, ce qui déją est assez exceptionnel en soi, et s’inspire fortement de ce que Pink Floyd faisait au sommet de sa gloire, ce qui l’est beaucoup … Continue reading

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I’ve spun this about six times now and all I can say is WOW!! This is one incredible CD. I guess it could be classified as “eclectic prog” or somesuch thing, but all I know is that this … Continue reading


Colors of the Desert is my first encounter with Lituanian band The Skys. On this album at least, their music is very much in the Neo-Prog genre. Bands like Arena, , Pallas and Fish … Continue reading


Review by toroddfuglesteg (PROGARCHIVES) Special Collaborator Interview Editor & Symphonic Team The leading Lithuanian band with this, their second album. I interviewed … Continue reading