Interview on ITN Magazine

Let’s talk a little about the history of your band. When did you originally form and is this the original line-up?

We’ve started back in 1995. And the only founding member is Jonas. Current line up formed between 2006 and 2010. Lithuania is a tiny country with not too many musicians and even less of them wanting to play progressive rock or stick in a band for more than couple of shows especially if those are not paid well. So, it took years to find dedicated enthusiasts.

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The Skys – Automatic Minds on

The Skys claim to be Lithuania’s leading rock band and the most recognised band from Lithuania abroad. Upon searching, I could find little information of Lithuanian bands having success outside of their homeland. I did find that The Skys have received recent airplay on BBC Radio 2 in the UK, this being the airing of the track Communication from their most recent release Automatic Minds.

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Automatic Minds – Background Magazine

Lithuanian four piece formation The Skys was founded in 1995, and turned into a leading Art rock band in their country during the years. The band has released a series of productions: the cassettes Civilized in 1997 and Dreams (EP) in 1999, and the CD’s Postmodern Game (2004), Colours Of The Desert (2011, see review), Journey Through The Skies (2014, see review) and recently Automatic Minds (2019). … Continue reading

Automatic Minds on MLWZ.PL (in Polish)

Trzymam w ręku nowy album litewskiego zespołu The Skys. To już czwarte wydawnictwo tej grupy (dwa poprzednie, „Colours Of The Deserts” z 2011 i „Journey Through The Skies” z 2015 roku, przedstawialiśmy na naszych małoleksykonowych łamach) i kto wie czy nie najlepsze, najciekawsze i mieniące się największą feerią pięknych muzycznych kolorów.

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Communication on Rambling Man’s Reviews

The Skys are a highly revered rock outfit from Lithuania, who have toured extensively around the world to critical acclaim. The band has several albums to date, including Automatic Minds, The bands latest studio release; which was produced by Grammy award-winning Dom Morley ( Amy Winehouse). … Continue reading

Featured Artist on Smile Radio

The Sky’s have worked in the industry with some of the top names – Snowy White (Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy), Dave Kilminster (Roger waters Band), Snake Davis (Eurythmics & Paul McCartney) and India Carney – (semi Finalist of the voice U.S) just to name a few! … Continue reading