Acid Dragon Magazine

“A meteor! A new star in the sky coming from nowhere! In fact the Skys is a Baltic band coming from Lithuania more precisely. The Skys was formed on November 1995. All along their 15 years of life, the Skys have issued four productions: a cassette (“Civilized”) in 1997, a cassette EP (“Dreams”) in 1999, their debut CD (“Postmodern Game”) in 2004 and finally this new disc. I recognize I didn’t know this band before (nobody’s perfect – Ed). So when I put their CD in my player (the envelope featured no letter, no biography), the surprise was complete. What a sound! Perfect guitars close to Camel, perfect vocals and saxes evoking Pink Floyd, rich melodies and arrangements, a superb mix made in London, prestigious guests (from Roger Waters band, Scorpions, Eurythmics, Cutting Crew, Mostly Autumn, Holding Pattern), a beautiful booklet. Wow! Once again the majors missed the occasion of producing a gem. For me, one of the best albums of 2011. Yes, a new star is born. (R.R.)” Acid Dragon progressive rock magazine