Colors of the Desert is my first encounter with Lituanian band The Skys. On this album at least, their music is very much in the Neo-Prog genre. Bands like Arena, , Pallas and Fish led Marillion come to my mind while listening to Colors of the Desert . On a few tracks the band gets mellower and mid seventies Pink Floyd can come to mind. The pieces on this CD are mostly song based, but every track features some nice soloing on the synth or guitar. There are many talented guests on this CD and it shows in the quality of the music. Anne-Marie Helder (Mostly Autumn, Panic Room)nice voice is very much featured on Colors of the Desert . Jonas Ciurlionis shares the lead vocals with somewhat of a Fish style voice. Colors of the Desert by The Skys is an album that should appeal to lovers of Neo Prog, a genre that has not been blessed with that many good albums recently. Go to the band’s website to sample some of their stuff.