PostModern Game Review by Kev Rowland for Feedback Fanzine No. 88

I don’t come across many bands from Lithuania, and at the moment I am hard pressed to think of any, but here we have The Skys with their third album which was released in 2004. They are well – known in their own country and with a song on the latest Melos Progcast they will probably gain a bit more attention from the West. This is prog music that is influenced both by early Pink Floyd and early ELP and sounds very much as if it has come out of the early Seventies. Part of that is due to the vocals of Jonas Ciurlionis who has a rough and raw almost bluesy approach to the music, with more than a hint of Tom Waits or Dan McCafferty. This does give the overall sound an edge that is often missing from some prog which can appear bland in comparison. This is hard hitting and emotive stuff and even though there are two guitarists it isn’t as hard and heavy as one might expect. They do allow themselves to wander off in different directions and there are times when they bring in some acoustic guitars to provide balance and to allow the others to play off. Elements of The Doors, and The Nice and the result is something that may not be very accessible but that does reward those that are willing to make the effort.