“Sound From The East” interview for Nucleus Prog (Argentina)

“Sound From The East” Interview with Jonas Ciurlionis (vocals and lead guitar) and Cyrill Scherbak (drums), members of the Lithuanian band The Skys By Sergio Vilar As The Skys’s history it does begin? Which is the past of each one of you? Jonas: Well, it all began back in 1995 when some young enthusiasts started the band. Unfortunately, there’s only me who’s left from those days. Alexandr joined us in 1999, others later. Cyrill: The Skys are neither past, nor future. The Skys have never begun. When you listen and contemplate, this is The Skys. Why did you choose that name for the band? Jonas: The name was chosen when we were sitting in our rehearsal place, drinking beer and talking about the beauty of the sky, clouds and stuff. And then we said that’s the name – simple, nice and everyone will understand it. Though there’s some hidden catch here… Cyrill: Actually, there’s no name that could express The Skys. The Skys hasn’t got names. If you talk about names, The Skys is no name at all. If it is necessary to look for an influence for the sound of the band, to who would you mention? Jonas: Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, The Doors, King Crimson, Queen, Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Blues, Jazz, Classical music, Death Metal and all other nice bands and singers and choirs and orchestras and composers… – that’s what people find in our music. Well, we work, especially last few years, on our own style which cannot be 100 % compared to the above bands and in a way I think we’ve succeeded. It’s The Skys style. Cyrill: If it were necessary to look for an influence for the reality of which we are a part, what would you do? Influences come and disappear, The Skys remains. What can you say about “Post-Modern Game”? Could you give me a brief description of each song? Jonas: The whole album is very American I would say. It’s kind of travelling in the US from one state to another. And in this sense it reminds me of one very famous book by Jean Baudrillard. Therefore it’s “PostModern Game”. Cyrill: “Post-Modern Game” could be a total sum of influences of all kind, but The Skys is above and “Post-Modern Game” is the game that we play. To speak briefly about the songs: it’s a tiny moment – life between past and future. If needed to say more, you should verbalize the whole universe in its eternity. Musically, which did the goals go to achieve with “Post-Modern Game”? Jonas: In fact none. We didn’t have any particular goal with this particular album. It was recorded before our trip to New York where we won an award as “best international band” from New York International Music Festival in 2004. Then later we signed a contract with SSG to re-release this album for Asian market. Now we plan to sign an agreement with one agent in the US for releasing “Post-Modern Game” in the States. So, these are goals achieved with this album. However, main goal is for people to like it and to listen to this album again… Cyrill: Have you not listened to it?!!! One, who listens and contemplates, has the goal. Are you satisfied with the final result? Was the album that you wanted to make exactly? Jonas: not really. I think it’s 7 out of 10 points. But when EMI or similar company pays us for Abbey Road Studio then it will be 10. Though I guess it’ won’t be possible even then to reach 10. It’s impossible to reach perfection. Cyrill: Final result means an end. When there’s no end or beginning, all we seek is the presence of the moment, that is now. Result means death, The Skys intents to live. This your only group is or is some of you participated in other parallel works? Jonas: It’s my only band. During these ten years I’ve never played in any other band. Cyrill: One may imagine to be engaged in any kind of works, but the truth is that all are involved in the presence of The Skys. There is no other way than to be here and now. What does it represent today to be a progressive musician in musical market of Lithuania? Should you face yourself to newspaper to give to know your work with what type of difficulties? Jonas: I guess it’s similar situation in most of the countries for prog music. In Lithuania it’s even worse. Lithuania has never had serious prog – rock music bands. In fact we’re the only progressive rock band since 1995. Lithuania is a country of cheep pop where most of the songs are stolen from the foreign pop bands. Then Lithuanian pop artists put Lithuanian words and present them as their own. It’s total musical impotence in this country. Therefore, we’re not welcome to Lithuanian music market. Still we exist 10 years and we have a number of fans. Cyrill: Art is not for market. Market is for making noise and money. The real sound arises not for being sold. There is no market for The Skys. When a newspaper tries to write about The Skys, it looks ridiculous. Which your future plans are (to short and do I release term)? Jonas: We plan our next album in 2006. Also some gigs, some festivals, who knows… we’ll see. Cyrill: The presence cannot be planned. The stream flows allways now, and it is The Skys. Planning or calculations does not matter for the irrational unplanned. Thank you to grant us this interview. If you want it, the closing words are his. Jonas: Thanx for interviewing us and I wish you all the best and long existence. Best, best, best. Cyrill: Close or open, the word is presence flowing nowhere. Thank you for thank you, ears and eyes, The Skys for The Skys.