Review by: freelance writer Mark Mitchell

The Skys, a five-piece band hailing from Lithuania, seem to have the main ingredients to write good songs that could inspire people’s minds, or just move their bodies to dance. The group’s songwriter, vocalist/guitarist Jonas Ciurlionis, attempts to combine elements of pop, psychedelia, funk, jazz, and arena rock into his songs. /…/ The title track starts off the album with feedback and a riff that wouldn’t sound out of place on a song by The Doors, before the bass and drums kick in, and the guitar gets catapulted into a subdued hair metal riff that makes this listener want nothing more than to hear again the soft, psychedelic twang of the opening. Next thing you hear is Ciurlionis’ voice, which sounds like a foreign Tom Waits might sound without the thousands of cigarettes and countless bottles of whiskey that have graveled his voice. The musical songwriting of Cuirlionis shines in two of the album’s tracks, one being, “Waiting For The Light.” This song contains some good tempo changes, along with one jangly guitar, a la The Byrds juxtaposed against the screech of a second guitar that is all death metal distortion and rage. The other example of the good musical songwriting is the tune “Broken Sounds of the Truth,” which sounds like three different songs that were never completed, and instead were intricately placed together to form a hybrid that is fluid even when it jumps around from several distinctly different sounds. /…/ Pretty, interesting keyboards from Algirdas Kucinskas and the guitarists, Cuirliones and Alexandr Liutvinskij, attempts to take the songs to another level through dexterous, slick solos.