Ekstra: interview by Eurika Masyte

/…/ I was not mistaken to ask about his relation to M.K. Ciurlionis/…/ J.Ciurlionis is not overevaluating the importance of his famous family name but also admits that is interested in biography and works of his famous relative. Most of all he’s interested in space and time ideas in artworks of M.K. Ciurlionis. This interest is not by accident. 28 years old The Skys leader is a PhD student of philosphyand teacher of Vilnius University. – It is the first time I’m speaking to Ciurlionis. Don’t you feel strange when receiving the same question about your relation to M.K. Ciurlionis? We’re real relatives. I’m a grandson of his younger brother. When hearing my last name most of the people get surprised and of course ask the same question about the relation to the artist. – Hasn’t become a famous last name a good tool to get some privileges? Hasn’t anyone compered you? I don’t think that it is a good tool. Most of the times I feel a bit uncomfortable when relation to the artist is revealed. I can say more: I have not only the same family name and I’m a relative to M.K. Ciurlionis but I was born on exactly the same date just 100 years after. However, does it mean something? Children and relatives of some geniouses were sorry to say but loosers. /…/