All Access Magazine (Mike Cavanaugh)

The Skys “Colours of the Desert” Style (Indie / Psychedelic) If your bucket list includes a tripped out psychedelic zombie apocalypse Tarantino / Peter Weir ‘esq experience out at Burning Man smoking hash from a hookah with other wayward desert transients seeking enlightenment and bath salts than I guess this is for you. From my personal freelance photography experiences, having this CD playing while I’m out at the Salton Sea would make for an interesting sound track. But if I’m in a bar and this band starts playing these songs I’m leaving to get a chili cheese dog from Pinks. In a nutshell, the listening enjoyment for this band’s latest CD is all about finding the right listening environment. Rating 2 ½ (trippy to say the least but I’m not discounting it)